Paris Bachata Festival Edition 2022, Original Congress of Bachata in Paris since 2011


Are you the next competitors ?

Do you want to show your Bachata skills and win one of the most prestigious French Bachata contests and succeed Simone & Jessica ?

The « Paris Bachata Festival Contest » will be back in 2022 !

Here are the main rules :

Contest Winners 2019
  1. The best couples will be shortlisted after sending a demo video which should be sent in the registration form below before August 31, 2022.
    • The choreography of the video must respect the following criterias: 80% floor dance including 30% traditional Bachata (also called « Dominican ») and 20% Figures of style and or Acrobatics at the choice of the participants.
    • The video must be available on hosting sites like YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo, Twitch, ...
  2. The first round will take place in October 2022 exclusively on the Paris Bachata Festival website (, he participating couples sent videos will be proposed to the vote of the website visitors, in random order at each visit so as not to favor any participating couple. The 3 couples having obtained the best average at the end of the voting session will be qualified for the final.
  3. The final will take place during one of the evenings of the Paris Bachata Festival. The finalist couples will draw one of the 3 preselected songs and will have to propose an improvised dance on this song in front of the jury present at the festival. The couple having obtained the best score will be the winner of the “Paris Bachata Festival 2022 Contest.” In case of selection for the final round, a participation of 30 € per couple will be required (unless the 2 participants already have a Full Pass).

The prizes :

  • 1st prize : Paris Bachata Festival Contest Cup + Wears PBF
  • 2nd prize : 2 Full Pass Madrid 2020 + Tee Shirt PBF
  • 3rd prize : 2 Full Pass Madrid 2020 + Tee Shirt PBF

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